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This is a compilation of some of my past work as well as some of my present. If you would like further information on anything you see please feel free to email me. If you would like to make a purchase please see my available items located in my studio at:

Sea of Floral Tag Blanket
Sailboats of Fun Tag Blanket
Skulls in Blue Tag Blanket
Skulls in Blue Carseat Starp Wraps
Piggy's in Pink
Puppy Paws
Sailboats of Fun
Retro In Bloom
Punchy Poppies Diaper Bag
Punky Pink Princess Tutu
Red and White Polka Dot Princess Tutu
Luscious Lavender Princess Tutu
Green Geometrics Diaper bag
Sea of Floral Carseat Strap Wraps
Sailboats of Fun Carseat Strap Wraps
Freindly Monters Carseat Strap Wraps
In the Tropics Tag Blanket
In the Tropics Carseat Strap Wraps